Alice's Sister is a collection of narrative poetry published by Turning Point in 2013.  It seeks to re-envision Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Praised for its inventiveness and high quality, it won Foreword Review's 2013 Book of the Year Award.

"I read this book slowly, discovering more and more about how all the poems intersect and interact with each other, and when I finished reading I immediately went back and read it again and discovered more layers of meaning and potency. It's a book you'll feel driven to return and return to and a book you'll carry with you forever; it's astutely and artfully crafted, and as fearless in its darkness as it is in its hopefulness."

-- Dorothea Brownstein



Young's Only as a Body is a chapbook--a short poetry book--that explores how some relationships end. It won the 2010 Bateau BOOM Contest, and its poems have been honored in venues such as VerseDaily.


"With a virtuosity of voice--think big, risky, lush--and a narrative structure that creates kind of novella in poems, Only as a Body moves through a sense of the familiar and inevitable with enchanting clarity.  The setting is domestic, though the turbulence and psyche underlying these poems creates an arc that is consistently illuminating."

-- Bateau Press